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Do you have a home needing stucco? Call us today for a free estimate, we are happy to help with colors design and your options. Don't settle for less our foreman has over 10 years experience and has earned Top stucco contractor rewards 5 years in a row.

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Our Services

Offering Quality and clean services in San Diego County area.

Traditional Stucco, Synthetic hard coat, EIFS, Stone, Natural Stone, Flagstone, Stone Veneer, Alegro coat, Fog coat, Recolor finishes, 

Stone Veneer

Beautiful Stone veneer Installation for both interior and exterior.

Stucco Art

All our art is crafted by hand using EIFS to make the design and lathed for high impact durability.

Stucco Design

Our pop outs and mouldings are crafted by hand and not fabricated making it water resistant and highly durable to impact.

Hard Coat synthetic

Hard coat Synthetic stucco are very durable by combining both fiberglass mesh and Portland mason stucco to make a crack resistant stucco and finished with a clean elastomeric trowel on stucco.

Stucco Repair

We offer varies stucco repairs done correctly, such as fog coat for painting old stucco and using fiberglass mesh to prevent feature cracking we also have color matching without having to paint.

Privacy and retaining walls

our retaining walls are built with cinderblock and framed for max durability and resistant to tilting in time.

Why stucco?

KG Stucco and Stone

Many people ask for the benefit in stucco it does have its pros and cons but there are many types of stucco installations ranging from very poor to one of the best exterior siding installations. For one stucco no matter the quality you decide it has high durability to impact pest and even very water resistant if not painted. When installed correctly not code requirements but actual manufacturer installation that exceeds code stucco is so resistant to water and pest. Also depending on the grade and quality it can also help insulate your home up to R12 keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winters, the lighter the color also allows the stucco to reflect most of the heat. Many companies make a mistake when installing stucco and say that all stucco cracks but there is a technique used with embedded fiberglass mesh on the brown coat to stop cracks on the outside keeping the stucco looking fresh. All in all your stucco will last for as long as your home is standing, Colors may be refreshed if a special stucco fog coat or alegro coat, Never paint stucco it will causes chipping and cracking.

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